The following Page is an example of some of my work during Part 2 of the Course A foundation In photography studied with the Open College of the Arts / OCA.

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To see the full set of Exercise please goto the Left menu and click on Coursework 2 for a full lists of all of my Exercises, and Assignment 2 for my Project.

Alternative if you would like to see what I have done this month then please click on the right hand side and click April.

Further down the menu you will find some notes about famous Photographers and Artists that have caught my eye.

If you go down to self learning Log you can see all of my Non Curricula work such as days out or self exploration… This has helped me grow as I come to grips with using Manual settings and experimenting with techniques that I have wanted to try.

Please bear with me I do not find WordPress an easy tool to use and im gradually improving my menu skills and trying to make small tweaks to make the viewing experience easier and more pleasing. I have also worked harder so my Tutor can find my work far easier.

This shot was taken of my wife In our Local park as part of 2.12 Pixel Painting using Adobe photo shop cc.


The following image took some planning as for the Assignment 2 Painting with Light. I really wanted to graphically portray what it is like to suffer with Mental Illness.


The next image was taken during a 3 hour shoot in a nearby town taking Street photography 2.2 People and Activity. I love how some of these shots are so candid.



In the next image 2.5 Identikit I had a real blast with this exercise and it reminded me of an Art Class at School.


In the next shot 2.1 I was asked to take some shots with a white sheet behind the Subject to see whether it gave any extra depth or made the shot look 2D.


2.3 Depth was a lot of fun and really spoke out well at how important having a foreground was to me… something I have very much lacked in the majority of my work.


This image of my wife was taken for the various different Lighting shots. I really love this image taken with Candle Light as it is a Light source not used much in photography so much and gave a lovely image. more can be found in 2.7 people in Light.


The next shot is taken at my workspace… amongst organised chaos. My Son was asked to sit in the shot to give it some Human perspective. The reason for the chaotic shot is I wanted a lot going on in the image and then had to pick out what caught my eye. 2.4 The two Dimensional Plain.


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